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FC/AFC Diamond Hill Deuces Gone Wild (4/22/05)

DNA Profile: V503929

“Cooter” is a son of Diamond Hill Dan, he competed as an All Age dog. In his career he had 5 one hour placements and was a 1 time American Field Champion Runner-Up. He now enjoys life as a bed hog and hunting dog.

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DNA Profile: V525472

“Trace” is a son of Diamond Hill Dan. He started his career by winning the 2008 ABC Eastern Futurity Dual Award by winning the All Age Futurity Stake and being named Best in Futurity at the show. He continued to show just how much of a dual dog he was by winning numerous Regional Club Awards. A two time Best in Specialty Show winner, Trace was able to win one of these awards and went out the next morning to place second in a gun dog stake! In 2013, Trace welcomed co-owner Robin Tomasi. He took time off from the field in the Spring of 2014 to try his paw as a full time show dog. Traced showed that he could be a top show dog! In 5 short months he was Ranked in the Top 20 Brittany show dogs! He had a Sporting Group 1 and Group 2, along with a Veteran Group 1. Highlights of his field trial career include an American Field Runner Up Champion and 5 one hour placements. While Trace is enjoying his retirement with half brother Cooter as a bed hog and hunting dog, he may still make some appearances at field trials.

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Deuce’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (2/26/03)

“Chewy” is only semi-retired from field trials and has been earning her keep as our hunting dog. She only agreed to this if she could live in the house!  She has whelped two litters. Shegoes to the office every day with Paul as she has tried to "inherit" her mother's job... but according to Auntie Cheryl...she is still listed as "temp" on payroll!

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Deuce's Whiskey Runner CD (2/26/03)

"Whiskey" competed in obedience trials and quickly finished his AKC Companion Dog title at age 2. He ran in field trials and acquired points in both juvenile and adult stakes. He decided that field trial life was not for him, and is now living comfortably as a house pet with our "Miss Jess". After riding the elevators in downtown Chicago for 2 years, he moved to New Jersey to persue an acting career. He has now found a retirement job as a seeing eye dog...literally!!!

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Diamond Hill Rockette (5/25/05)

“Roxie” obtained her puppy and derby points before she turned 1 year old, but an injury kept her from competing in her adult years. She is now a happy house dog and we wouldn't trade our "Box of Rox" for any dog in the world.!

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Diamond Hill Whisky Girl (9/17/06)

“Sammie” is a Diamond Hill Dan daughter.  Sammie placed 3rd in the 2008 Eastern Futurity All Age stake and she holds the distinguished title of "MPP" (Most Precious Puppy). Sammie's application acceptance letter to "Auntie Cheryl's Chateau for Vibrant Maturity" is on hold, pending a full investigation in regard to Auntie Cheryl's chewed sandel! She's currently doing time in the "Big" house!

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